Manage payment settings and invoices

As the account owner, you can change your Help Scout subscription and payment method at any time. Let's take a quick look at the Your Plan page.

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Updating payment information

You can update your credit card information by clicking the edit link below your current card details. If you need to update the name or address that appear on the invoice, click the change contact information link. The plan summary shows you how many User accounts you're paying for, and when your next automatic payment will be made.

View and print invoices

If you need to get an invoice over to the accounting department, click on the Invoices tab in the sidebar. You'll see all your past (and pending) payments listed in the table. Clicking the View/Print Invoice link will open the invoice in a small pop-up window.

Making an annual payment

Interested in paying for a year? 


Click the Make an Annual Payment link just under the account summary section.


Adjust the User count, then click the Make an Annual Payment button. If you're paying via check or PayPal, contact us and we'll send you an invoice to finish the payment process. Read all about annual subscriptions here.

Common questions

How do I change the account owner?
If you're the account owner, you can transfer ownership by heading to Manage → Users. We've put together some step-by-step instructions on how to do that here: Transfer account ownership

If you're not the account owner, have the Account Owner send us a quick email about who they would like us to transfer ownership to. The email should include the name and the email address of the person ownership should be granted to. 

Can administrators change billing information?
Only the Account Owner can see the Your Plan page. No one else on your account has access to this information.

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