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The User Profile is where you’ll enter the personal details that make your Help Scout account uniquely yours.

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Profile Overview

The User profile is where you set all your personal information that's relevant to Help Scout, including the email address you use to log into Help Scout, or to reset your password. You can find your User profile under the User icon in the top menu bar.

Each Help Scout User updates their own User Profile to reflect their own preferences. If you use  variables for email signatures or Saved Replies to pull in User names, email addresses, titles, and phone numbers, then that information is pulled from the User Profile.

Alternate Emails

If you're using additional email addresses to forward messages in to Help Scout, add them to the Alternate Emails field. Here's a quick primer on forwarding: Manually Forward Email to Help Scout


The Timezone dropdown dictates the time stamp on your conversations and inside your folders. Help Scout accounts default to the UTC (GMT+00:00) timezone, but we cover every timezone for all of our international friends. To change your timezone, click on the dropdown and select your time.

Profile Photo

You can upload a photo of yourself to serve as your Help Scout avatar. For the most part, profile photos are internal, and never shown to your customers. You'll see your profile photo next to replies and notes that you add in Help Scout. If you want your customers to see your smiling faces, you can add your profile photo to the mailbox email signature. 

Learn more:  Signature Templates

To upload a photo, press the Choose File button and select an image from your computer. Press Save Profile to view the photo preview and save your changes simultaneously.

Additional Settings


Under the Authentication page, you'll find 3 tabs: 

  • Security: Enable or disable Two-factor Authentication for your Help Scout account. Learn more here: Set Up Two-factor Authentication
  • API Keys: Create and manage API keys for any dynamic integrations that need to retrieve information from your Help Scout account. API Keys are available on the Standard and Plus plans: Manage API Keys
  • Active Sessions: Lists active sessions for your account. You can revoke access to sessions you do not recognize. Learn more here: Session Management


Set up and manage email, browser, and mobile notifications. Learn more about notifications in this article:  Manage Help Scout Notifications

Auto BCC

Auto Bcc allows you to send replies you make in Help Scout to a specific external address. Auto Bcc also applies to conversations you reply to from email notifications. When replying to an email notification, you can use the @nobcc command to prevent your reply from being sent out to the specified Bcc address.

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