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Support Note

  • Disabling the FullContact integration does not remove existing customer profile photos or existing profile information. Existing profile information remains in place. 
  • Once FullContact is disabled, no new profile information for new or existing customers will be gathered via the service. 
  • You can also clear the photo out by putting the customer id into the Front-End tab in Sumo.
  • We recheck a FullContact profile every 2 months, though not in the sense of a strict “every” two months timeframe. The trigger is a new conversation coming into Help Scout. So this recheck happens when 1) A new conversation is received AND 2) The last profile check was more than 2 months ago.

Profiles in Help Scout are built automatically when a customer emails your support address for the first time. We'll also create a profile when you compose a new conversation on behalf of the customer. This article talks about editing and updating profile information.

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Edit a customer profile

You can modify customer profiles by clicking on the the customer name located in the sidebar. The Notes field is a good place to add general notes, as those notes show up in the sidebar when you're working on a conversation. Don't forget to save your changes.

Help Scout and FullContact

You've probably noticed that some of the profile attributes are not editable, like the picture. We pull in publicly available information, such as the picture and social media profiles, from a third-party service called FullContact. If you feel like profile data is a bit off, or information is clearly not accurate, you can direct the customer to this page to claim and edit their FullContact profile.

It's also worth mentioning that the customer can disable their FullContact profile as well. If you start seeing funky or bad information attached to a customer profile, just let us know. We can disable the integration upon request.

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