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Sometimes you just want to have some private Docs stashed away for your teammates' eyes only. This article is all about private collections and how helpful they can be. 

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Public vs. Private

  • Public collections are viewable by everyone who visits your knowledge base site. In other words, all categories and articles contained within a public collection can be viewed by anyone on the Internet.
  • Private collections are viewable only by authenticated Help Scout Users on your team. Content contained within a private collection is never shown to your end-users.

Accessing a private collection

In order to access a private collection, you must be logged in to Help Scout and have a link to either the collection itself, or an article within the collection. Head over to the Docs tab and select a private collection from the dropdown menu. From there, just open an article and click the View Article link, located on the right-hand sidebar. 

Private collections will now be viewable in the navigation bar on the Docs front end. You'll see a small lock icon next to private collections, just so you know what's what. We'd recommend adding links for private collections on your bookmarks bar for easy access.

Now that you're logged in and able to view private content, you'll notice that articles within a private collection look a little different in search results. The article title will be grey, and you'll see a tiny lock icon to the right of the title. Your customers will not see private articles in search results.

Common questions

Can I password protect a collection or site? 
No, not at the moment. We'd like to add a proper password protection feature in the future, though! 

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