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Using tags in Help Scout is an easy way to add context to a message or keep track of certain topics in your mailbox. This article shows you how to add and manage tags.

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Adding tags to conversations

Tags can be applied to conversations. You can add tags manually or automatically using the Workflows feature. Open a conversation to add tags manually:


Click on the Tag icon from the conversation toolbar, the type out the tag in the blank text field. 

Press return after each tag entered. You can add as many tags as you’d like!
You can also add tags from the folder view. Simply select the conversation from within a folder, and a floating menu will appear, which has a tag icon that you can click on and type into the text field.

Adding tags with Workflows

Tags can be added by both automatic and manual workflows. If you need a quick primer on building a workflow, give  this article a quick read-through. To add tags via a workflow, just add an action using the Add Tags operator. If you need to add multiple tags, make sure to separate each tag with a comma.

Managing tags

The tags management page gives you a complete overview of all tags being used across your company. Tags only exist here if they are currently assigned to conversations. Tags can be filtered by mailbox, or a specific date range. Head over to ManageTags to get started.

To edit tag attributes, click on one or more tags. You’ll notice a floating menu appear at the top of the page. This menu has four main functions: 

1. View all conversations ― Select one or multiple tags and click on the View Conversations icon to see all conversations containing the selected tag(s).

2. Edit name and color ― If one tag is selected, clicking on the Edit icon allows you to change the name of the tag, or add some color if you're feeling fancy. If multiple tags are selected, clicking on the Edit icon lets you change the color of the selected tags. 

3. Merge tags together ― Multiple tags can be combined using the Merge function. Simply click on two tags, and click on the Merge icon. When tags are merged, conversations tagged with the selected tag will be replaced with the newly created (merged) tag. 

4. Delete tags ― Deleting tags removes the tag from conversations and the tags management page. 

If you have a lot of tags, it can take between 5 and 90 minutes for the cache to clear or reset, so you may see some recently deleted tags appear in your autofill for up to an hour and a half after deleting.

If you notice any particularly stubborn tags, adding the following piece of code as a bookmarklet in Chrome will patch that up right quick:


Note: You can quickly figure out which tags are applied to conversations by glancing at the subject line. Tags will always appear in front of the subject text when you’re looking at your queue.

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