Create saved replies for fast answers

A saved reply is a snippet of text that can be quickly added to the editor when replying to a customer. Using saved replies is a great way to tackle those issues that require a standard or simple response.

Don't see the option to edit or delete a saved reply? An account Admin or Account Owner may need to adjust your company's User permissions. See more on that here: Change User roles and mailbox permissions.

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Creating saved replies

You can create saved replies from scratch via the mailbox Settings page, or from an existing conversation right in the editor. Both the Account Owner and Administrators can create and edit saved replies (Users will need to be given permission. See more on that here):


Head over to Manage → Mailboxes, click on a mailbox, then click Saved Replies from the left-hand sidebar.


Click on New Saved Reply at the top of the page.


Give your new reply a name, then compose your response in the text editor.


Click on the blue Save Reply button when you’re finished.

Note: If you’re working in the editor, and you’ve just typed up a response you think you’ll use again, simply select Save this reply… from the Saved Reply drop down menu. You can quickly apply saved replies, or search for a specific reply from that same menu.

Deleting a saved reply

To delete a Saved Reply, open the Saved Reply you wish to delete and select the Delete option below the editor. 

Inserting a saved reply

To insert a reply, click on the Saved Reply icon located on the editor toolbar. If you have more than 15 saved replies, you'll see a search bar at the top of the dropdown menu. Just start typing to locate the desired reply, and click on it to drop it in.

Organizing saved replies

Saved replies are organized automatically in alphabetical order as soon as they’re created. There’s currently no option to manually rearrange replies. Remember: saved replies are text-based so adding a reply to your conversation will not change any conversation properties, like status, or assignee. 

If you have groups of replies that are similar, you can easily bunch them together using an alphabetical naming convention. When you search for your saved replies, you can simply type the master name, and we'll show you the rest of the nested replies. 

Common questions

Can I copy saved replies over to another mailbox?
Not at the moment, although it is something we'd like to support in the future.

Can I use HTML in a saved reply?
Basic HTML formatting is supported, but you won't be able to make advanced text or layout changes.

Will a saved reply inserted via a Workflow action count in the Conversations report?
Indeed! If a saved reply is inserted by way of a Workflow (through the Customize Email portion of the Send an Email action), it will be counted in the Top Saved Replies area of the Conversations report.

Can I add an attachment to a saved reply?
It isn't possible to add an attachment at the moment.

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