Capsule is a web-based CRM that helps you track the people and companies you do business with. It's a great tool for tracking conversations (like the ones in Help Scout and elsewhere) and opportunities in the pipeline. One great thing about using Capsule alongside Help Scout is being able to sync profile information.

By installing the app, customer profile data from Capsule will auto-sync with the customer's profile in Help Scout. This way you always have the latest customer contact information. If the customer doesn't exist in Capsule, you can add them with a single click. If they do exist, Help Scout pulls in a profile link, and tags any active opportunities for the customer. Check out the snapshot below of how it will appear below in Help Scout: 

Activation instructions


You'll need your Capsule API key to get started. To find this key, head over to Capsule and click your name from the upper right-hand corner. Select My Preferences from the dropdown menu.


On the preferences page, click the API Authentication Tokens link in the left-hand sidebar. This will take you to the API page.


Copy your authentication token and head back to the Capsule installation page in Help Scout.

Insert your Capsule site name and API key in to the appropriate fields. Then select Show Custom Fields if needed, and make sure to choose the mailboxes you'd like the app to connect to. Click on the blue Save button when you're finished.

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