Nicereply is a simple tool for collecting satisfaction ratings from your customers. By embedding a ratings link into your signature, customers can rate each reply you send. Here's a snapshot of how it will appear in Help Scout:

Activation instructions


You'll need your Help Scout API key to get started. Head over to your profile page in Help Scout and click on the API Keys tab located on the left-hand sidebar. Click on the blue Generate an API Key button. Copy your new key to the clipboard and tab over to Nicereply.


Log in to your Nicereply account and click on the Integrations section located in the left-hand sidebar. From there, click on the blue Add new integration button, and you should see a new window load with a list of available integrations. Locate and click on the Help Scout button. 


Paste your API key in to the box, then click the Connect and continue button.


Head back to Help Scout to  install the Nicereply app and drop in your Nicereply company URL. If you don't know the URL off the top of your head, check out the SettingsCompany / Account settings page in Nicereply. You also have the option to customize your signature if you'd like. Your ratings link will be included in the signature of replies sent via your selected mailboxes. Lastly, you can also plug in a custom domain if you've got that set up on Nicereply. Make sure to hit Save.

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