Changing the customer on a conversation

It doesn't happen often, but you might need to change customers on a conversation, allowing you to direct your replies to someone other than the original sender. This article is all about how to change a customer on a conversation.

When to change a customer

  • Contact form submissions incorrectly set your no-reply email address as the primary customer address.
  • Forwarded conversations sent from non-Help Scout Users need to be readdressed.
  • Ownership of a large group conversation needs to be reassigned to another customer. 

Change customer vs. profile updates

If you ever come across a conversation that you think should belong to someone else, or you simply need to direct your reply to a person who isn't involved with the original conversation, you can access the Change Customer link under the gear icon in the righthand sidebar. 

If you instead update a customer profile with a new name and email address instead of changing the customer, it will re-associate all previous conversations from one customer to another - that's no good.

Changing a customer


Take a look at the customer profile section in the sidebar. Click the grey gear icon seen in the bottom-right hand corner, the click Change Customer.


In the pop-up window that appears, you can create a new customer profile, pick from a list of suggested customer profiles, or search for an existing customer. Select a customer profile and confirm the change. 


After changing the customer, the sidebar will update with the new customer profile. +Replies made in the conversation will be directed to the new customer, unless otherwise specified via the To: dropdown menu, which is visible when the reply editor is open.

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