How to consolidate mailboxes

You may run into instances where combining two mailboxes just makes sense workflow-wise or to simply tidy up your dashboard. This article is all about how to consolidate mailboxes in your account.

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Consolidating mailboxes

We'll start off with setting up a workflow to move conversations from one mailbox to the other, and after a few quick and easy steps, you'll be ready to roll in your new mailbox. Let's hop to it!

Set up an automatic workflow in the mailbox(es) you'd like to delete. You'll want to set up the  condition to look like the following: Status is not equal to Spam. Then, select the Move to mailbox action and choose the mailbox you'd like the conversations to be moved into. It will end up looking like the following:
Next, you'll need to add the address(es) for the mailbox(es) you're deleting to the Aliases field of the mailbox everything is being moved into. This will ensure that Help Scout knows to associate any emails from the deleted mailbox's address with the new mailbox they're being sent to. Give this article a read for a refresher on aliases.
Almost there! Set up a forwarding rule within your email provider for the mailbox(es) you're deleting to be sent to the forwarding alias for the keeper mailbox (can be found under Mailbox Settings → Connection Settings). That way, all future emails can easily funnel into the new mailbox.

Delete the mailbox(es) that you don't need anymore under Mailbox Settings → Edit Mailbox, and click on the red Delete Mailbox link.

Common questions

Can my replies from the new mailbox come from the old mailbox's email address?
Negative. All replies sent out from Help Scout will be sent from the mailbox's address. You may want to let your customers know about the new change to eliminate any potential confusion.

Is there a limit on how many mailboxes I can consolidate?
There isn't a limit, but we recommend not going too crazy, especially if you have mailboxes with thousands of conversations contained within them. Use your discretion, and feel free to give us a shout if you need any help.

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