Forward email aliases to one mailbox

A mailbox alias is any email address that automatically forwards messages to your main mailbox address. If you've got a bunch of addresses that auto-forward, it would be a superb idea to add them to the Alias field. This article will help you make sense out of mailbox aliases.

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What's the deal with aliases?

Let's say your catch-all support address is Just to be on the safe side, you might want to auto-forward some other addresses to make sure you're not missing any support requests. For example, you'd forward:


Declaring the other addresses as mailbox aliases tells Help Scout there's no need to create a duplicate message when you reply. You'll find the Alias field from Mailbox Settings Edit Mailbox.

Why is this important?

Let's say auto-forwarding is set-up for If a customer emails that address, the message is forwarded automatically to Help Scout. If is not set as a mailbox alias, when you reply will be included in the CC field.

You'll see a duplicate thread in the conversation in addition to the reply that was sent to the customer. Help Scout doesn't know that is associated with your mailbox, which is why the address is added to the CC field.

On the flip side, if you declare as a mailbox alias, Help Scout will ignore the address when you reply. It knows that is absolutely associated with your mailbox, so there's no need to create a duplicate thread. At the end of the day, declaring mailbox aliases prevents confused team members and sloppy message threads.

Filtering by alias address

For tracking purposes, you might want to route all emails to a certain alias address into a folder, or assign them to a team member to work on. Using the TO: Workflow condition to key-in on the incoming email address is a great way to do so. For example, if you wanted to tag and auto-assign all conversations that were sent to alias, the Workflow would look like this:

Common questions

Can I reply from an alias address?
Afraid not! It's only possible to reply from your main mailbox address.

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