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  • Manually forward email to Help Scout

    Every now and then, you might get an email in your inbox that needs to be created as a conversation in Help Scout. Luckily, all you have to do is forward the email to your Help Scout mailbox, and we'l

  • Snap Engage

    Snap Engage is a simple plug-and-play live chat you can embed on any website. For users, it integrates directly with your IM program of choice (Gtalk, Skype), meaning you can chat with customers from

  • Migrating to Mailbox API 2.0

    The day is finally here! Mailbox API 2.0 is officially available for use. This guide covers all that you need to know about the new API and how to transition any existing integrations from our legacy

  • How to forward conversations

    Forwarding a conversation is a handy way to converse with someone who does not have a Help Scout account. In this article Forwarding a conversation Keeping track of forwarded conve

  • About Beacon 2.0

    Beacon 2.0 is currently in closed beta. Want to stay in the loop? Sign up for updates here: Beacon 2.0 In this article About Beacon  Creating a Beacon Common Questions

  • Getting Started with Help Scout: Video Tour

    Take a look around... Get a guided tour of Help Scout and all it’s features in one of our video tours!  Introduction to Help Scout: Help Desk The introduction to Help Scout video

  • Asana (powered by Zapier)

    Manage your tasks and excel at customer relationships with this automation. Once set up, each time a new conversation is started in Help Scout, Zapier will create a new task in Asana. Now you can plan

  • Data Export Options

    In this article In-app Export Options Additional Export Options In-app Export Options Reports Reporting data is available to be exported right from within Help Scout

  • Kickstarter

    Help Scout has a built-in integration that funnels all your customer messages from Kickstarter neatly into your Help Scout mailbox. There's no need to set up anything on the Help Scout side aside from

  • Smooch

    Smooch is a messaging platform and provides a mobile software development kit (SDK) for in-app messaging, social integrations with Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Messages, or SMS messages using

  • Translate words and phrases within Docs

    For our friends around the globe that speak languages other than English, we have some helpful features to aid in translating your Docs (and aspects of it) into the language of your choice. This artic

  • Talkdesk

    Talkdesk brings all the benefits of an enterprise-level call center to your business. It's entirely web-based and works beautifully alongside Help Scout. With Talkdesk, members of your team can take a

  • Nicereply

    Nicereply is a simple tool for collecting satisfaction ratings from your customers. By embedding a ratings link into your signature, customers can rate each reply you send. Here's a snapshot of how it

  • Infusionsoft (powered by Zapier)

    Reach out to new contacts immediately and create fast connections with this Infusionsoft to Help Scout automation. Once set up, each time a contact is assigned to a new group, Zapier will create a new

  • Gather feedback with Satisfaction Ratings

    Customer satisfaction ratings allow your customers to rate your replies with just a click or two. This article is all about the Satisfaction Ratings feature in Help Scout. In this article 

  • Manage multiple Docs sites

    You might want to create different Docs sites for each of your products or brands. This article talks about creating and managing multiple Docs sites. In this article What is multi-site

  • Challenges with forwarding your personal address

    When you sign up for Help Scout, you're asked for an email address. This address is attached to your Help Scout profile. If your goal is to forward mail from that address into a Help Scout mailbox usi

  • Onboarding Your Team

    Once you’ve got your setup in Help Scout ready to go, it’s time to invite more users. Training new users is a snap! You can share these short videos to get your team up to speed on the basics

  • Creating a mailbox auto reply

    Using an auto reply is a great way to let your customers know that you’ve received their message, and that someone will be in touch soon. This is all about how to create auto-replies. Note: Bra

  • FollowUpThen

    FollowUpThen is a super simple email reminder service, and works wonderfully alongside Help Scout. All you need to do is add a specific FollowUpThen email address to the Cc or Bcc fields when replying

  • Manage legacy API keys

    Mailbox API 2.0 is here (huzzah!), and on June 6th, 2019, we’ll be shutting down the legacy Help Desk API. If you have any custom or 3rd party apps using these legacy API keys, they’ll no longer work

  • Setting up multiple Mailboxes

    Multiple mailboxes help your team manage all your shared email addresses (for example,,, etc). Instead of hopping around from inbox to inbox outside of Help Sco

  • Workflow conditions and actions

    Workflows are composed of conditions (what you’re looking for) and actions (what you want to happen). This article lists all available conditions and actions.  Workflow conditions

  • FreshBooks

    FreshBooks is small business accounting software used by millions of people to send invoices, track time and capture expenses. Help Scout's app for FreshBooks brings the client data you need direct

  • Log in to Help Scout

    There are a few different ways to log into Help Scout. This article covers each of those different methods. In this article Help Scout Account Google Apps Single Sign-On

  • Referral program

    We're so grateful for the Help Scout love that is shared across the world. Now it's our turn to return the warm fuzzies. Our referral program lets you refer Help Scout to others and, in return, you an

  • How to reply and add notes to conversations

    Messages from your customers are called conversations in Help Scout. This article will quickly teach you how to perform basic conversation actions.   In this article Sending a reply to

  • Enabling SSO with Onelogin as the Identity Provider

    In this article What is SSO? Setting up SSO with Onelogin What is SSO? Single sign-on (or SSO) is a way to authenticate and log-in to an application with just one set of cred

  • Connecting Facebook Messenger

    The Help Scout Smooch integration brings conversations from Facebook messenger right into your Help Scout Mailbox. When you reply, it replies back to your customer’s FB messenger. Shall we get

  • Campaign Monitor

    Campaign Monitor makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send them beautiful email newsletters and see stunning reports on the results. It's also a great tool for agencies to manage and white-label

  • How to host a stylesheet on Dropbox

    For the tech-savvy, Docs gives you the ability to specify an external stylesheet, which can be used to modify the design of your public website. This article shows you how to host that stylesheet on D

  • About Waiting Since

    Waiting Since is designed to give you a quick and accurate read out of how long customers have been waiting for a reply. In most folders across the app, Waiting Since has replaced the Last Updated col

  • PipelineDeals

    PipelineDeals is a web-based CRM that helps you track and organize all the deals in your sales pipeline. With PipelineDeals, you can organize the companies, people & deals - set goals, and easily coor

  • Create saved replies for fast answers

    A saved reply is a snippet of text that can be quickly added to the editor when replying to a customer. Using saved replies is a great way to tackle those issues that require a standard or simple resp

  • Send article links via the Docs search bar

    The Docs search bar is a nifty tool that will help you quickly locate, review, and link articles to a customer while working in a conversation. This article talks about working with the Docs search ba

  • Track message views with Open Tracking

    Open Tracking is a feature that allows you to see whether your customer has viewed the message you've sent them. A couple of things to note: Open Tracking uses a tracking pixel in your outgoing

  • Drift

    When integrated with Help Scout, you can have all your Drift conversations sync with Help Scout. When a chat is completed, Drift sends it to the customer's history in Help Scout. When someone sends an

  • Enabling SSO with Okta as the Identity Provider

    In this article What is SSO? Setting up SSO with Okta What is SSO? Single sign-on (or SSO) is a way to authenticate and log-in to an application with just one set

  • Forward from and Office365

    1 First things first! Open up your mailbox in Help Scout, click on the gear icon in the lower left-hand corner, and select Connection Settings from the dropdown menu. 2

  • Managing Help Scout notifications

    In this article Enabling & disabling notifications Email notifications Browser notifications Mobile notifications Notification station HIPAA Compliance & Notificatio

  • Edit threads and notes

    Most threads in Help Scout have three little vertical dots to the right of the timestamp (see below). This dropdown contains a few nifty actions you can perform. Here's what you can do: Edit a

  • Chatra

    Chatra is a live chat software that allows your customers to chat with you and have their questions answered in real time. Chatra enables you to engage proactively with your customers, facilitates gro

  • Adding Help Scout Metrics to a Business Intelligence Tool

    Help Scout has partnered with Fivetran to make it easy to get your data out of Help Scout and into a data warehouse. From there you can run SQL queries on the data or hook it up to a Business Intellig

  • Email commands

    Email commands allow you to update Help Scout conversations via your email client. These commands can only be used when replying to an email notification or when forwarding a message manually to Help

  • Transfer Account Ownership

    When you first sign up for Help Scout, your User account is automatically assigned the account owner role. As the account owner, you're the only one with access to subscription information, and the on

  • Changes to Free Plan Accounts

    While Free Help Scout accounts may not have been too good to be true, they were unfortunately too good to last. In March of 2017, we stopped offering the Free plan to new Help Scout customers, and hav

  • Enabling SSO with Azure AD as the Identity Provider

    In this article What is SSO? Setting up SSO with Azure AD What is SSO? Single sign-on (or SSO) is a way to authenticate and log-in to an application with just one set of

  • Help Scout's Mailbox API

    The full Help Scout Mailbox API documentation can be found here: Please check out our developer documentation for complete information, but the Mailbox A

  • Enabling SSO in your account

    Enabling single sign-on (SSO) for your domain within Help Scout allows your Users to easily and securely log-in to their accounts. This article is all about SSO and how to set it up in your account. 

  • Get started with Workflows

    Workflows in Help Scout are similar to Gmail filters or rules in other email clients. Quite simply, workflows are composed of conditions (what you’re looking for) and actions (what you want to happen)