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  • Prevent duplicate replies with Traffic Cop

    Have you ever had two people respond to an email at the same time? That's a real pain, no doubt. Traffic Cop steps in if someone else updates the conversation while a User is replying. In other words,

  • Data Export Options

    In this article In-app Export Options Additional Export Options In-app Export Options Reports Reporting data is available to be exported right from within Help Scout

  • Docs and search engines

    Crawling Docs content If your Docs site is public, search engines can (and will) index your articles. If you'd prefer to keep your Docs content out of public search results, add this bit of code to

  • Nicereply

    Nicereply is a simple tool for collecting satisfaction ratings from your customers. By embedding a ratings link into your signature, customers can rate each reply you send. Here's a snapshot of how it

  • BigCommerce

    BigCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform that provides your business with everything you need to sell online and do it well. The team at BigCommerce has made the process of designing your storefro

  • Infusionsoft

    Infusionsoft is a popular small business CRM tool that allows users to organize contacts, automate marketing and manage eCommerce inventories all in one place. Help Scout's app for Infusionsoft bri

  • Understand drafts and revisions

    This article will help you understand how drafts and revisions work in Docs. In this article Working with drafts Preview article changes Working with revisions Workin

  • Manage legacy API keys

    Mailbox API 2.0 is here (huzzah!), and on June 6th, 2019, we’ll be shutting down the legacy Help Desk API. If you have any custom or 3rd party apps using these legacy API keys, they’ll no longer work

  • Creating Docs redirects

    A redirect is a way to send both customers and search engines to a different URL from the one they originally requested. This article talks about creating 301 redirects in Help Scout Docs.  In t

  • Hively

    Hively is a great way to consistently measure customer happiness. With Hively's snippet embedded in your signature, customers can rate your response with just one click. This article will guide you th

  • Send article links via the Docs search bar

    The Docs search bar is a nifty tool that will help you quickly locate, review, and link articles to a customer while working in a conversation. This article talks about working with the Docs search ba

  • Add responsive video to an article

    Video is a great way to help customers understand your product. Since the design for Docs is optimized for all device sizes out of the box (mobile, tablet, desktop), we need to make sure video embeds

  • Google Apps Integration

    Installing the Help Scout app from the Google Apps Marketplace allows you to connect your Google Apps account to Help Scout. You can securely log in to Help Scout automatically with your Google accoun

  • Browse private collections and articles

    Sometimes you just want to have some private Docs stashed away for your teammates' eyes only. This article is all about private collections and how helpful they can be.  In this article

  • Referral program

    We're so grateful for the Help Scout love that is shared across the world. Now it's our turn to return the warm fuzzies. Our referral program lets you refer Help Scout to others and, in return, you an

  • Email commands

    Email commands allow you to update Help Scout conversations via your email client. These commands can only be used when replying to an email notification or when forwarding a message manually to Help

  • Managing Help Scout notifications

    In this article Enabling & disabling notifications Email notifications Browser notifications Mobile notifications Notification station HIPAA Compliance & Notificatio

  • Move between conversations with redirect options

    Action buttons in Help Scout contain a linked dropdown menu with various redirect options. These options allow the User to specify where they'll be redirected (in Help Scout) after updating the conver

  • Transfer Account Ownership

    When you first sign up for Help Scout, your User account is automatically assigned the account owner role. As the account owner, you're the only one with access to subscription information, and the on

  • Popular Docs styling tricks

    Docs can be completely customized using CSS, but if you haven't spent much time designing websites, CSS can feel intimidating to start Here are some easy copy+paste CSS examples for some of the mos

  • How to host a stylesheet on Dropbox

    For the tech-savvy, Docs gives you the ability to specify an external stylesheet, which can be used to modify the design of your public website. This article shows you how to host that stylesheet on D

  • Using DMARC to help with email delivery

    DMARC is an email authentication standard that's used to help protect a domain from fraudulent email. Along with DKIM and SPF records, DMARC helps prevent spam or "spoof" emails coming from your domai

  • Create and publish a new article

    Articles are key to the structure of your Docs site. This article is all about how to create a brand new article in Docs. 1 Open up a collection. Once there, select the New

  • Change User roles and mailbox permissions

    Occasionally, you may need to change up some of your Users' roles or their permission sets to give them access to more or less settings and features. This article is all about User roles and mailbox p

  • PipelineDeals

    PipelineDeals is a web-based CRM that helps you track and organize all the deals in your sales pipeline. With PipelineDeals, you can organize the companies, people & deals - set goals, and easily coor

  • Manage spam and unwanted email

    Help Scout has its own built-in spam filter to save you the headache of having to sift through spammy emails in your mailbox. This article talks about how the Help Scout spam filter works.  In t

  • Log in to Help Scout

    There are a few different ways to log into Help Scout. This article covers each of those different methods. In this article Help Scout Account Google Apps Single Sign-On

  • Using @mentions in notes

    The @mentions features allow you to ping another User or team in a note to direct their attention to a conversation without having to assign it to them. This article is all about how @mentions work. 

  • Drift

    When integrated with Help Scout, you can have all your Drift conversations sync with Help Scout. When a chat is completed, Drift sends it to the customer's history in Help Scout. When someone sends an

  • Smooch

    Smooch is a messaging platform and provides a mobile software development kit (SDK) for in-app messaging, social integrations with Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Messages, or SMS messages using

  • Set Company Office Hours

    If you occasionally close up shop, then you'll likely want to set your company's Office Hours and take advantage of its many benefits. This article is all about Office Hours and how they can be used i

  • Using Views to filter reporting data

    Views give you a much more flexible approach to drill down on reporting data that means the most to you and your team. You can use Views to build reports based on specific conversation criteria. This

  • Move conversations to different mailboxes

    Moving conversations from one mailbox to another is helpful if a customer accidentally emailed the wrong mailbox address, or if you're just passing the conversation over to a team member who works in

  • Working with Teams

    Help Scout Users can be grouped together in Teams. Teams have a special folder in the sidebar which is only visible to members of that team. You can assign conversations to a team, build workflows aro

  • Following a Conversation

    The Follow feature lets you subscribe to a conversation to keep tabs on all of its updates, and is available on the Standard and Plus plans. This article talks about how to follow or unfollow a conver

  • Our Boston Office

    Visiting our Boston office? Here's what you need to know. Company Address  131 Tremont Street 3rd Floor Boston, MA 02111 We're right smack dab between Super Duck Tours and Gentle Dental

  • Using DKIM to help with email delivery

    DKIM stands for DomainKeys Identified Mail. DKIM and DMARC allow the receiving email server to verify the authenticity of messages sent from your domain, which helps prevent email spoofing.  In

  • Setting up mailbox signatures

    This article is all about setting up a mailbox signature in Help Scout. Before we hop in, keep in mind that signatures are mailbox-specific, rather than User-specific, so any information added into th

  • How to fix failed searches

    When you see failed searches in your Docs report, it means people are searching for terms that don't pull up any articles. You can resolve this problem one of two ways: 1 Fo

  • Create and Manage User Accounts

     Users are members of your organization or team who have access to Help Scout. This article talks about managing User accounts in Help Scout. In this article Create User Accounts D

  • FreshBooks

    FreshBooks is small business accounting software used by millions of people to send invoices, track time and capture expenses. Help Scout's app for FreshBooks brings the client data you need direct

  • Payments and Invoices

    As the account owner, you can change your Help Scout subscription and payment method at any time. Let's take a quick look at the Your Plan page. Only the account owner is able to access this page.

  • Redirecting emails from Outlook Exchange

    This article is all about setting up a redirect rule if you're planning on copying your emails from Outlook Web Access and Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013. In this article Finding your for

  • Cancel Your Help Scout Account

    We're sorry to see you go! Only the account owner can cancel the account, and if you're super sure you want to cancel, please remember that there's no turning back. Once you cancel, you won't be charg

  • Add and manage tags

    Using tags in Help Scout is an easy way to add context to a message or keep track of certain topics in your mailbox. This article shows you how to add and manage tags. In this article A

  • Assigning Conversations

    Assigning conversations lets you give Users ownership of conversations within Help Scout, and easy access to see all that others are working on at any given moment. This article is all about assigning

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts provide a quick and easy way to move around Help Scout. They are built into Help Scout so no need to enable anything on your end.  However, if you'd like to disable the shortcuts,

  • IP Restrictions

    IP restrictions allow you to limit access to your Help Scout account to a predefined list of IP addresses. This feature is only available on the Plus plan.  In this article How it works

  • Restore deleted conversations

    If you've accidentally deleted a conversation, you can quickly and easily restore it and go about your business. We keep records of all conversations deleted within the last 15 days. Note: Users (n

  • Session Management

    Session management allows you manage the devices that are currently logged into your Help Scout account. You'll find your active sessions under your profile page, on the Authentication tab.  Manage