Infusionsoft is a popular small business CRM tool that allows users to organize contacts, automate marketing and manage eCommerce inventories all in one place.

Help Scout's app for Infusionsoft brings the customer data you need directly into the customer sidebar. When you receive an email from a customer, this app will import contact information, pull in the customer's key metrics (lifetime value, annual value and average order value) and display up to 10 recent orders. You can access order details or the customer's Infusionsoft profile in a single click. Check out the snapshot below to see how it will look in action:

Activation instructions

Log in to Infusionsoft and take note of your Account Alias. This is the subdomain that appears at the start of the URL path seen in your address bar while signed in to to Infusionsoft. Based on the example below, the Account Alias would be jgclothing.
Hover over the Infusionsoft logo at the top of the page, then select the Settings link located under the Admin column of the menu.


Click on the Application tab located under the Application Settings section of the left-hand sidebar.


Scroll down a bit and copy the Encrypted Key seen under the API section. Head over to Help Scout to wrap up.


Install the Infusionsoft app from the Apps page in Help Scout. Fill in your Account Alias, or subdomain, then paste in your Encrypted Key. Select your store currency, then check off which mailboxes you'd like to connect to Infusionsoft. Don't forget to hit the Save button.

Note: At this time, it is only possible to link one Infusionsoft account per Help Scout account.  

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