How to forward conversations

Support Note

  • Forwarded conversations do not include internal notes. 
  • Forwards will always create a new conversation. There isn't a way to merge the original and the forward. 
  • Forwards include up to 16 threads from the original conversation.
  • You can't forward a forward - the original conversation will not be pulled in. If there needs to be a second forward of the original conversation, it needs to be from that conversation.

Forwarding a conversation is a handy way to converse with someone who does not have a Help Scout account.

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Forwarding a conversation


Open the conversation you'd like to forward, then select Forward from the More Actions menu.


Enter the address of the person you'd like to forward the conversation to in the To field. You can also select which email you'd like to send from. Additionally, you can Cc or Bcc some folks if needed. Compose a quick message in the blank text box, then hit the Forward button to send it off.

Keeping track of forwarded conversations

We create a brand new conversation for messages that have been forwarded. You'll notice a new, linked conversation number at the top of the initial conversation. Click through to view the new forwarded message. 

The customer will receive no notification that you forwarded the conversation nor will they see any internal notes that have been added.

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